Yellow Parking Lot BollardsAre you thinking about installing parking lot bollards in your commercial property or building? Safety bollards are key to your site’s safety and are commonly used to line sidewalks, safeguard drop-off areas, shield storefronts, and so on. 

If you’re interested in learning more about parking lot bollards installation in Hibernia, New Jersey, including the various models available, you should explore this guide. 

What Are Parking Lot Bollards?

Parking lot bollards are metal posts that protect sensitive parking spaces by helping ensure safe and efficient interactions between vehicles and pedestrians. They’re designed to catch the attention of drivers to prevent crashes and are commonly composed of steel. 

The Benefits of Parking Lot Bollards

Enhance Aesthetics

Parking Lot Bollards can add elegance and charm to private entrances as well as commercial properties.

Drivers & Pedestrian Protection

Highly trafficked areas benefit from parking lot bollards installation in Hibernia, New Jersey. They help prevent accidental and deliberate vehicle collisions from entering pedestrian areas. 

Besides, bollards equipped with lights or with a reflective finish are easier for drivers to spot in low light conditions or after dark. As a result, this can help reduce car accidents.

Greater Security for Storefronts

When you hire parking lot bollards installation services in Hibernia, New Jersey, you can prevent someone from ramming into a storefront with a vehicle. Therefore, the safety of everyone inside your store is guaranteed, and the risk of theft that occurs after-hours decreases. 

Types of Parking Lot Bollards

Permanent Parking Lot Bollards 

Fixed or permanent bollards are installed directly into the ground, they can prevent accidental and intentional crashes on sites. They are ideal for heavy traffic areas where security is constantly required.

Collapsible Parking Lot Bollards 

While permanent parking lot bollards installation in Hibernia, New Jersey ensures security at all times, collapsible bollards allow business owners the option of accessing the site when needed. They can simply fold these bollards down, creating a safe clearance to drive.

Removable Parking Lot Bollards 

Many people use removable bollards in places where they want to prevent people or drivers from entering.

Who Can Install Parking Lot Bollards?

If you’re interested in parking lot bollards installation in Hibernia, New Jersey, V&V Line Striping specializes in a wide range of parking lot services. With over 31 years of experience and recognized as one of the leading companies in the area, V&V Line Striping, has the best machinery and the best technicians to exceed client’s expectations.

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