Have you ever noticed how some parking lots have spaces in perfectly straight lines, while other lots have spaces at 45- or 60-degree angles? An important element of your parking lot design is the layout of the individual spaces, and it’s something that needs to be considered before setting your project in motion. 

What kind of parking lot are you wanting to design? What service will your establishment bring? Your parking lot is the first point of contact with the consumer, it is important that their experience is memorable, easy, and enjoyable. Additionally, how much space do you have to work with? Both of these questions will help define what is the best design for your lot, and this includes what angles to use on the individual parking spots.

New Jersey can be a compact city. The volume of traffic increases every year, and it’s necessary to accommodate the projected clientele in your establishment. It’s good to have space, but what is the most efficient way to use said space? Let’s examine the different parking space angles you can use and discuss what benefits they bring.

90 degrees

A parking lot designed with 90-degree spaces offers the most space per vehicle. 90-degree angles create an efficient lot. A full parking lot with these spaces looks clean, organized, and deliberately geometrical. You should implement this particular design if your business is expected to have clients for long periods of time. 

Parking lots with spaces that are 90 degrees tend to function better for locales where the public will stay parked for hours. This is because 90-degree spaces have the highest difficulty in entering and exiting. This particular design is not suited for a business with a quick turnaround. Is your establishment searching for in-and-out traffic or longevity? 

45 degrees

Parking lots with spaces that are drawn at 45-degree angles offer a tighter design. This is particularly useful when your parking lot has smaller square footage. 45 degrees allow for cars to quickly settle in place without much hassle; however, they also tighten up the lot itself. This means that a smaller lot will be able to fit vehicles and still allow for traffic to pass.

Your business should consider a 45-degree parking space if you foresee a high volume of traffic and clientele. Cars will be able to merge in and out of traffic more efficiently due to the slanted angle of the actual parking space.

60 degrees

If your establishment has a little more room to spare, the best option is to set spaces at a 60-degree angle. This particular design is the most common of all because it allows for wider parking spaces and lanes. This means that vehicles will have more room to traverse your parking lot and also settle on a space.

60-degree angles make more room for traffic lanes. Cars will be able to navigate the parking lot with ease. Meanwhile, getting in and out of a lane is a more streamlined process. A 60-degree slant allows for a vehicle to enter and exit a lane with minimal effort.

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