If you’ve never experienced a fire situation in your building, consider yourself lucky. Just thinking about the danger and panic that a fire emergency can cause it’s terrifying enough already. It’s one of those life-threatening situations where you can only hope for everyone to evacuate safely and for the fire people to arrive promptly. 

But what happens when a fire truck does not have a clear path or the appropriate fire lanes marked that allow them to do their job as soon as possible? Seconds are crucial in this type of emergencies, and that’s why fire line striping in Hibernia, New Jersey is a must. 

Here at V&V Line Striping, we firmly believe that being compliant with your fire line striping is truly a responsibility. That’s why we offer professional fire line striping that’ll make your parking lot and building comply with the mandatory fire line striping in Hibernia, New Jersey. Contact us now to ensure you’re staying compliant. 


Provide Safety To Your Building

Although it varies from state to state, most law states have the following general requirements that our fire zone striping team will provide you:

  • Correct marks and visibility 
  • Appropriate lane size
  • Regulatory distance from the lane to the building 

There are many other requirements that you must fulfill to stay compliant with fire zone striping. That’s why this is not a job where building owners should go cheap about it. Instead, our group of reliable parking lot contractors will use their extended years of expertise to deliver a high-quality, compliant fire line striping service. 

Make Your building Compliant Today

If you were looking for the best fire line striping in Hibernia, New Jersey, you’re only one step away from getting them. At V&V Line Striping, we take pride in ensuring all of our clients and their buildings are always safer with our services. Get in touch with us now, and we can offer you a free estimate for your fire zone striping.

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