Signage ensures that your parking lot remains clean, orderly, and safe. Without parking signs, your parking lot would be a disorganized disaster. Signs must always be displayed in a visible location. No hiding behind bushes or trees! 

Let’s take a look at some of the signs you should (and are required) to have in your parking lot. Remember, signs should be displayed at least 5 feet above the ground, this will ensure most, if not all, drivers will be able to clearly see your sign.

Handicap Sign

Regardless of your parking lot’s size, you must always have accessible parking. Handicap spaces must always have clear signs displaying that certain spots are reserved for people who need it most. 

Without clear handicap signs, inconsiderate people will park in those specially marked spots. Making it much difficult for someone in a wheelchair, for example, to access your establishment. 

Please note that Handicap Signs must follow ADA compliance regulations, if you have concerns, refer to our article detailing information about Handicap Spaces.

Fire Lane Signs

Parking lots must have fire lanes marked. In the event of an emergency, a fire lane will ensure that responders can access your establishment with ease. Fire lanes are dedicated spaces for emergency responders to park their vehicles in the event they are needed. 

Fire lanes must be clearly marked with bright red lines. However, they must also be marked with a sign. A fire lane sign will ensure that no vehicle will park in that dedicated spot. Additionally, if a vehicle is parked in that spot, a fire lane sign will prevent backlash in the event that the vehicle is towed or ticketed. 

Directional Signs

While most signs direct vehicles as to where they can and cannot park, directional signs will lead vehicles across your parking lot before they park. Having directional signs is just as important as having handicap or fire signs! 

Without these signs, you run the risk of having confused drivers and crashed vehicles. If a certain lane in your parking lot is meant to be one-way, a sign will help prevent vehicles from traversing in the other direction.

Directional signs will ensure that all vehicles in your parking lot are following the set path in your lot. Directional signs give your space a sense of ‘flow’, meaning there is a determined path that cars must take, preventing congestion and ‘bottle-ups’. If you wish to avoid head-on collisions, you should ensure to have as many directional signs as possible.

Private Signs

While the previous signs are required to guarantee a safe and secure experience in your parking lot. Private signs are an extra feature that gives your parking lot a little more personality and flair.

Having private signs help establish a sense of ownership to your parking lot. A vehicle is parking with the express purpose of visiting your business. They are there for the goods or services you offer.

Additionally, private signs show that your parking lot classifies as private property. This means that the vehicles which are parking in your lot are only there to engage with your establishment. Vehicles are not permitted to park in your lot if they are not to come to your business. 

Design Your Parking Lot With V&V Line Striping

Parking lot signs are a very important detail. They are the keepers of order in your parking lot. It’s important to have your signs displayed in optimal locations for vehicles to follow their directions clearly. 

At V&V Line Striping, we can help with your parking lot design and signage. We have been serving New Jersey for over 31 years, specializing in layout and all other facets of parking lot design, striping, and signage set-up.

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