Signs That Every Parking Lot Should Have

The best way to take advantage of your commercial parking space is to include all the signs and lines required by law. This way, you’ll prevent accidents, direct traffic, and ensure the overall safety of anyone entering or leaving your business. 

If you want to keep things under control and make sure drivers follow those signs, you must guarantee visible and high-quality signs. Keep in mind that they play an important role in the appearance and safety of your property. 


Why Are Signs Needed in Parking Lots?

Without signs, your parking lot would be in a constant state of chaos that can result in an increased likelihood of car accidents, collisions, and injuries. When entering a parking space, drives rely on proper signage that helps them navigate to the right area. For this reason, it’s important to use proper signage that communicates messages concisely and simply.

Types of Parking Lot Signs Your Business Needs

A correct parking lot design in Hibernia, New Jersey includes the following designs. Let’s explore them. 

Pedestrian Crossing Signs

These signs alert both drivers to the presence of pedestrians and pedestrians to the proper places to cross parking lots. Overall, they remind drivers that people are actively walking back and forth from your business. 

Handicap Parking Signs

As a property owner, you must be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). According to this law, one accessible parking space is needed for every 25 spaces. Each handicapped parking spot should be accompanied by a reserved parking sign.

Speed Limit Signs

Speed limits are designed to improve everyone’s safety by reducing and restricting a car’s speed.  When drivers are looking for parking spots, they can easily lose track of their speed and become a danger to other people and your property. Also, it’s a good idea to install speed control devices like speed bumps. 

Fire Lane Signs

Fire lane signs are very important to keeping your business safe. This area must be kept clear at all times and parking needs to be restricted. When using fire lane signs, you will alert employees, customers, and visitors not to park there.

Stop Signs

Stop signs can prevent unsafe driving practices in your parking lot. Usually, when drivers see an upcoming stop sign, they reduce their speed. Also, a stop sign should be installed at the exit of your lot to remind drivers to check the traffic around them.

Interested in Parking Lot Designs in Hibernia, New Jersey?

Parking lot designs are key to your business safety and success. A good-looking parking space will always attract more customers and keep them coming back. For this reason, any parking space project should be done by a professional contractor. They guaranteed quality materials, experienced staff, that won’t interrupt your business’ operations, and cost-effective solutions. 

V&V Line Striping offers parking lot designs in Hibernia, New Jersey. We have over 31 years of experience and have worked with many clients, including fast-food restaurants, hospitals, local malls, churches, and industrial parks. We provide free estimates, just click on the link below or call our customer service department at 973-316-0001. 


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