Do you own a plaza, a building, a factory, a warehouse, or any site in general that has a parking lot? If you do, then this might benefit your business. 

Suppose you really want to offer your customers the best experience possible whenever they park. In that case, it’s essential to have parking stops. Parking stops or also known as wheel stops, are specially engineered to aid a vehicle stop whenever you park it. 

Here at V&V Line Striping, we can offer you the right professional service for all of your parking stops or wheel stops needs. But among all the different types of wheel stops, which one is the best fit for you and your business? Keep reading to find out or contact us now to obtain a free estimate. 


The Different Types Of Wheel Stops

There are two main common types of wheel stops: rubber wheel stops and polyethylene wheel stops. Choosing the right one for your business depends entirely on the business owner’s needs. 

Sometimes you’re looking for a cheap but also reliable option. Other times you look for something that stands out, even if it means investing a little more. Here’s what wheel stops can offer you:

Rubber Wheel Stops

This type of wheel stop is a more economical option when compared to polyethylene wheel stops. Made from strong recycled materials, rubber wheel stops are ideal for warehouses and factories where styling is not really a must. 

Polyethylene Wheel Stops

This type of wheel stop is a more expensive option and more attractive design than rubber wheel stops. As you might already know, polyethylene is an upgraded plastic that’s durable. If you want something aesthetically pleasing and built to last, then this is the way to go. 

Why Choose V&V Line Striping?

Drivers can quickly tell the difference between a cheap and misplaced parking stop versus a parking stop installed by a professional. We know you want to give your customers the best parking experience possible. That’s why we are the ideal company for you. 

At V&V Line Striping, we pride ourselves on providing customers with long-lasting solutions that can also accommodate their budget. We start by providing a completely free estimate, and we let our customers decide what’s next from there. Obtain your free estimate now by contacting us today. 


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