Any business has to look great from the inside out and parking lot striping plays a key role in offering a more attractive and secure environment. Plus, you’re responsible for creating clearly defined visual messaging for people both in and out of cars.

Here are five reasons why your pavement’s striping is vital to guarantee a positive customer service experience.

ADA Compliance

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) requires every commercial building to have handicapped parking strips. If you think about it, creating parking spaces for handicapped guests, employees and customers is common sense to ensure easy access to everyone. Additionally, it helps you avoid fines and penalties.

Create a Good First Impression

Your parking lot is the first area customers and employees see, and to make a good impression it has to be well maintained. Keep in mind that your asphalt paving or concrete can significantly persuade your customer’s perception about the quality and safety of your business, so make it count.

Enhance Your Business’ Curb Appeal

A fresh coat of paint enhances any business’ curb appeal. Over time, the lines and markings on your asphalt will fade due to constant wear and tear, and customers feel more at ease when entering a good-looking business. For this reason, it’s important to regularly schedule seal coating with professional asphalt companies.

Safe Environment

The main reason to have your paving concrete striped is to improve the safety of your commercial building. Quality striping helps safely guide both drivers and pedestrians because they indicate parking spaces, crosswalks, fire lanes, and even traffic flow. Plus, you’ll prevent confusion that can lead to major accidents and guarantee that your visitors have clear directions.

Maximize Parking Spots

Designated areas assure that the most number of customers can park in your lot at any given time. When having a poor asphalt paving striping – or no striping at all – drivers cannot visualize where and how to park. This could lead to client loss and inefficient manner of space. With carefully planned parking striping, customers will be able to find spaces even during peak business hours.

Looking For Parking Lot Striping Services?

If you own a commercial building and your parking lot stripes are fading or dulling, you should get in touch with professional paving contractors. Just imagine a parking lot with no lines or markings; it will make any building look awful.

V&V Line Striping offers high-quality traffic paint and precise parking lot stencils in New Jersey or the Tri-State area. We can handle all of your requests, including handicapped parking striping, parking lot layout design, fire zone painting, and much more.